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Shewmaker & Shewmaker, LLC is an Atlanta based law firm representing its clients in family law matters, state court, and military criminal and administrative matters. They also provide retirement and estate planning.

The attorneys at Shewmaker & Shewmaker specialize in the full spectrum of divorce and family-related matters. We understand that life presents few challenges as emotional and demanding as divorce, paternity/legitimation, child custody and marital asset division. We work very closely with our clients to counsel them and achieve their best possible result.

Shewmaker & Shewmaker also defends people when they are accused of wrongdoing by the state in criminal and administrative matters. We fully understand the stress such accusations create, and we zealously protect people.

The attorneys at Shewmaker & Shewmaker have a rich tradition of service to the United States Armed Forces. Because many of our clients are active duty, reserve, national guard, and retirees of the Armed Forces (or their spouses), we specialize and deal daily with intricate military matters unique to these clients. Shewmaker & Shewmaker represents servicemembers in courts martial, administrative separations, security clearance revocations, administrative investigations, and Veterans Administration matters.

Shewmaker & Shewmaker recognizes that many retirement and estate planning matters dovetail with family law. For this reason Shewmaker & Shewmaker is one of the few Georgia law firms that combines a family law practice with in-house retirement and estate-planning resources. Our attorneys specialize in divorce-related retirement division, including Retirement Divisions, Military Pension Division, and Federal Pension Division. Our attorneys also specialize in trusts, special needs trusts, and supplemental trusts.

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Patricia Shewmaker has an active practice in all areas of family law with extensive experience in cross jurisdictional family law litigation. Patty is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point...


Steve  Shewmaker

Steven P. Shewmaker is a founding partner of Shewmaker and Shewmaker. and a former prosecutor. He is a a member of the executive committee of the Military and Veterans Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia...